Message from The Director of Ceremonies

Having resumed the office if DC after 32 years I know I can count on members supporting The WM and the Lodge during the next year. There are ceremonies to perform and it is important that we all make those ceremonies as effective as possible hence maintaining the traditions and reputation of The Causeway Lodge.

The Secretary has circulated details of meetings, rehearsals and Lodges of Instruction. I will do my best to attend all of them but in any case of difficulty I shall find a Brother to act as DC. Can I ask that if there are any full Lodge meetings that you are unable to attend then if that information can be known at least three weeks in advance to both the Secretary and myself so that we can arrange cover either from within the Lodge or from Masonic friends who are always willing to help out?

I have recently attended in Nairobi an amazing Masonic event. A historic event in the District Grand Lodge of East Africa. A Festival of Craft Lodges to perform an initiation. 20 Craft Lodges and 24 Brethren involved in the ceremony., The District Grand Master and his executive were present and there were nearly 300 Brethren present for the meeting and 450 including wives and partners at the Banquet in the evening. A remarkable  inspirational occasion


Fraternal greetings.

W.Bro. Bob Sillett