Lodge of Instruction (LOI) is held on the last Tuesdays of February, April, May, June, July, August October & December.


  • Nowadays it not easy for members to find the time, with families and careers, taking precedence over freemasonry. 

  • Members should do their best to attend LOI as often as they can, as well as Rehearsals before Lodge Meetings.

  • As The Causeway Lodge was formed for “Professionals”, learning at home was more common than LOI attendance.

  • LOI runs from 7:30pm to 9pm at latest, overseen by the “Preceptor” who is the Lodge Director of Ceremonies.

  • Members are coached to learn & demonstrate parts of the masonic ceremonies.

  • Juniors get a chance to experience the seven roles of Officers of the Lodge in an informal way.

  • The underlying ethics and mystical aspects of the rituals may also be explored at LOI

  • All members try to “make a daily advancement in masonic knowledge” and LOI is there to help everyone.

  • Before LOI, several of usually meet for supper at 6pm and Prospectives are always welcome

    • Sometimes no host is available so suppers are cancelled. Emails are sent to confirm or cancel suppers.

    • At a later date, our Lodge website will carry up to date information in the Calendar.


Rehearsals are held on the two Sundays before our Lodge meetings in January, March, September and November

  • Rehearsals run from 9:30am until 11am. Some members take coffee beforehand. Others may take refreshment afterwards. 

  • A full turn out of Lodge Officers and as many members as possible, better-prepares us for the Tuesday meetings