This is how our lodge is organised and shows where the principal and senior officers are seated


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What You Will Find Inside The Causeway Lodge
Festival of Horsham 1
Festival of Horsham 2
Festive Board at the FoH
Warrant of the Lodge
Warrant of the Lodge
In the West of the Lodge
Great Architect of the Universe
Rough Ashlar
Terrestrial Globe
Lodge Crest
In the East of the Lodge
The Worshipful Master's Chair
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What Is The Meaning Of Some Of These Objects?

Directions: East, North, South and West

These are crucial to the layout of and understanding of what the masonic temple is all about. 

  • The EAST represents the rising sun - or a place of 'wisdom';

  • The WEST the setting sun - or a place of 'strength';

  • The SOUTH the sun at its meridian and - or a place of 'beauty'; and

  • The NORTH is where the Treasurer and Secretary are located and is usually where apprentices are seated given that it is the place of least light - or a place of 'darkness'.

The Letter 'G'


In the East of the Lodge