IN 2020

Regular Meetings are held on four times a year, always followed by a “Festive Board” supper, that is usually over by 9:30pm.


  • All Lodge members, especially Lodge Officers, attend these meetings, emergencies excepted.

  • Any member may bring guests who are members of other lodges.

  • Occasionally, special suppers may include non-masonic friends and family members - these are known as “White Tables”.

  • When members cannot attend, a timely Apology for Absence with a valid reason is expected.

  • Meals cost about £20 (part of which is saved for charities) and there is usually a raffle (with a cause) and a Masonic charities collection

  • Most members make additional charitable donations, monthly or by lump-sum, through the Charity Steward 


Lodge Meetings are held from 5pm to 8pm on “the Tuesday after the 3rd Monday” in January, March, September & November.
In March we install the new Master for the coming year. At the other meetings we progress candidates through the “Craft” Degrees.