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September 15, 2017

A few years ago, there might have been doubts that The Causeway Lodge would survive for many more years. With some very welcome support and recommendations from PGL Sussex, and a couple of “friends of friends” signing-up, numbers seemed to recover a little.

A few experienced freemasons also transferred-in and now, whilst survival of any lodge cannot be guaranteed, we have about a dozen active participating freemasons present at most meetings – this is still far short of a secure level for the future, and many Offices are being filled by Past Masters.


The Causeway lodge is quite rightly proud of its half-century heritage, and proudly remembers that its roots are in the traditional professions. We have, however, not been overwhelmed by queues of doctors, dentists, accountants, bank managers and engineers, and so on … pressing to become members of the lodge – therefore we have seen the need to cast our net a little wider.


The most recent additions to the Lodge have been business owners: a Heating Engineer, a Property developer, and a Motor Engineer – to these we have added and NHS nurse-practitioner.  These undoubtedly are still “professions” in their own ways, and we have a few iron-in-the-fire for the future.


Our confirmed upcoming known Prospective candidates are also professional business owners – a vehicle bodywork specialist whom we hope to initiate in November, and a jeweller who might be initiated in 2018.  There are rumours of two or three more potential candidates for Initiation, but I have not been given any more details to date.

We also have the possibility of one or two regular guests becoming Joining Members, but what any lodge needs is genuinely new blood.


The long and the short of it all, is sadly this:

  • Times have changed, and this is not the world that we lived in when we sign-up

  • Even professionals cannot commit to attending meetings, LOIs and GPCs

  • Family, financial and career pressures may discourage younger people from joining us

  • Social and family pressures re gender equality are harder to manage for today’s freemasons

  • No longer can we rely on friends and colleagues to build up our future numbers

  • Although we number 24, only 12 are active – at every meeting, we rely on guests to fill-in

  • There are social, business & ethnic groups in Horsham who are not represented in our Lodge

  • We may need to actively go to them, as they don’t know how to come to us!

Please tell me what you think, and how we can ensure that The Causeway “Survives & Thrives” .

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