We Are 'The Learning Lodge'

January 11, 2019


Happy New Year to you and yours, brethren! I was just thinking that there's a hierarchy of sorts in the educational support services within our lodge, and I can't keep thoughts like that to myself for long.


If you are visitor to our Newsreel on our website, and you want to know more about Freemasonry, or if you are an unattached freemason considering a new home, and/or perhaps wanting to attend any of the sessions below, then please contact me at IanAird@Yahoo.ie or through this website. 



Events to which we can all look forward with eager anticipation - it's been a while since I, for one, saw a double-2nd degree. Our next lodge meeting is on the 22nd January at 5pm when our WM and his team will be doing the Double-Passing, so this month is very special indeed. 


February's meeting will be just as special - I wonder how long it since we were anticipating a Double-Initiation at a Dispensation Meeting...


In March we will be installing the new Master for 2019-2020 and that, too, is always a cause for celebration.  If you have any friends who are freemasons, why not bring them along as your guests.... 



Lodge Meetings (currently in January, March, September and November) are supported by our Sunday rehearsals in those months. Please remember, officers should attend, and everyone else is welcome at our DC's sessions before each Lodge Meeting - this month's rehearsals are on Sundays 13th & 20th January.


Please attend on these Sundays if you can - if necessary we can find some way to support you and/or to substitute for you - remember that if needs be  I am sure that we can also arrange 1:1 sessions. 


Our Lodge of Instruction underpins the Rehearsals. The work done at home and during mentoring evenings leads through to Lodge of Instruction evenings. 


Our DC's LOI sessions are on the last Tuesdays of those months when we have no lodge meetings at present (February, April May, June, July, August, October, December). LOI should be attended by Officers and Juniors whenever possible, and might be considered a duty. This is the forum for all of us show our DC what we can and can't do, so that we can all put on the best show that we can for every Candidate. 



The Mentoring evenings are about enlivening the learning that to which we should all aspire at home. We are continuing the Tuesday 6-8pm mentoring evenings that we started last year. Province will soon be supplying us with upgraded booklets that will also be available through our website. Anyone is welcome, including guests from other lodges and all unattached freemasons.


On Tuesday 8th January, half a dozen of us worked around the 1st Degree. On Tuesday 15th January we will work with the 2nd Degree. There will be no 3rd degree evening on 29th January as I must be abroad from 24th. 


Each month, three Tuesdays will be used to service the three degrees - the schedule will be announced at the beginning of each month as we will be working around Lodge Meeting Tuesdays and we may meet at my home rather than at the lodge. Our mentoring evenings are voluntary, but so far they seem to have been quite useful, and well-attended. 


We practise and discuss chunks of our ceremonies, rehearse Signs, tokens and words, see how juniors are getting on with memorisation, talk about the possible meta-messages and the symbolism, process any Q&A that arises out of home-learning, and enjoy exploring possibly useful underlying masonic themes. 



This is our "daily advance in Masonic knowledge", just a few minutes daily, and whenever we can - repetition is the key to memorisation. Taking what we have learned into the Mentoring evenings and Lodge of Instruction, helps us to add the actions to the words and, to better understand the bigger picture of how everyone's roles are bonded together.


Some juniors are perplexed by the abbreviations in our Sussex Ritual booklet and that can be hard when learning at home, alone. If you want  some 1:1 support, ask me. For an explanation of how to expand these abbreviations, and/or o memorise what they mean, please ask me. 


So "A Happy New Year" to you all , once again.  I am sure that this will be a great year for The Causeway Lodge.   




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We Are 'The Learning Lodge'

January 11, 2019

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